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The toughest exercise class in Sonoma County

If you Like CrossFit, Spartan Obstacle Racing or StrongMan Cross Training, you'll love training at EnviroFit

No two workouts are a like

Creative, outside the box, functional training


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Our coaches are unique in their backgrounds , which makes their teaching at EnviroFit different than other gyms That's where we separate ourselves from the rest


Chris Alejos is not only the owner and founder of EnviroFit, but also a certified personal trainer and endurance athlete. He not only leads, but participates in every single exercise he has his clients do. Fitness is his passion and he infuses every workout with so much devotion that you can’t help but give your absolute maximum effort as a result of his enthusiasm for your success.



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Nick Cann is a Marine Corps Veteran, USA weight lifting and sports performance coach, Endurance Athlete, and Obstacle Course Racing enthusiast. He brings with him The hard charging mentality of a Marine and Strives to share his passion and knowledge with all of his clients. He specializes in Olympic lifting, running, and functional movement training. He aims to show people what they are truly capable of when they push their mind and body to the limits.